Pride City Quilt Guild

Thought For The Day was given by Judy Thomas.

The Minutes for December 2017 were approved as published.

Treasurer’s Report:  the Balance in our accounts:  General Acct, $2719; Quilt Show Acct $849; and Raffle Acct, $355.  The report will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports –

  • Membership –Dues for 2018 remain at $25.  New membership cards are available.   New members and those who have renewed thru today will be included on the new roster.
  • Fat Quarters – theme this month was White-on-White, won by Dianna Hardrick, Mary Beth Shaufler, Connie Nicholas and Priscilla Palacio.   Next month the theme is Trees.  The schedule for all of 2018 was in the Newsletter and is on our website; cards are available today – see Diane.
  • Love Quilts – there are a lot of fat quarters and misc fabric available today.  Suggestion: use the Turning Twenty Again pattern – need about 9 f.q. to make the size desired for charity blankets.  Larger pieces for quilt backs will be available next month.  Naoma showed two quilts she finished, and there is a stack of 6 or more that were returned in Dec.
  • Sunshine – 56 members & 2 guests today.  One yard of fabric was won by Paula Frederick for wearing her name tag!
  • Pillowcases – 8 were shown.
  • Co-op Block – The block for Jan/Feb is a snowman of your choice on a 9-½ “ square of blue background fabric – see a couple of samples on the website.
  • Quilt Show Committee -

              >Registration forms are available today.  It is also on the website.
              >Advertising flyers will be available next month.
              >Quilt Appraisals will be available on Sat Apr 7th, by Cindy Brick.  $50/written, $35/oral evaluations.  Reserve yours with Cathy Ortega.
              >We need volunteers for Demos to be held on two Saturdays:  April 7th  & 14th, and to assist with making mini-strawberry pincushions on the 7th, and Big Daddy Bibs for Hospice on the 14th.   Also need Hostesses during the Show.
              >At the March meeting we will prepare kits from which visitors can sew a bib. 
              >Have received 81 yds of Christmas fabric for the bibs, but will still take donations of fabric and velcro  (would like to get 100 yds of fabric!).

  • In-House – A serger has been donated for a special drawing!  Tickets for this item will be available beginning in February, with the drawing in April.  In March there will be patterns at $1 each.
  • Newsletter – deadlines for articles, etc.  for the remainder of the year:  February 24th,    April 26th, June 26th, August 28th, October 25th, December 27th.

Programs –

  • Today – Drawing for winners from the Show ‘n’ Tell tickets for 2017.
  • Feb – Mari Pretzer – Think Positive about Negative Space.
  • March – make kits for the bibs for Hospice; bring finished Sunflower projects.
  • April – Katya Holen – Walking Foot quilting on your domestic machine.
  • May – Chance Auction.  Vote by membership for one winner of Hand Dye Projects made from last summer’s classes with Cindy Lohbeck.  Guideline – the entire project need not be your hand dyed fabric, but the focus fabric must be from last summer.  Winner will get a free class this August ($75 value).
  • June – Rhonda Denney, fiber artist.  We will not have a workshop with her as this is close to the workshops in August.  Rhonda is giving a workshop at First Stitches/Canon City on Sat Feb 10th ($59) if you would like to see her work.
  • August – Cindy Lohbeck – hand dye fabric.  Three classes will be offered at $75 each.  Pole Dancing, Love Triangles, Mini Mandelas.

New Business –

  • President’s Block.  Theme – muted Fall colors.  May be any size from two to ten inches, square or rectangle – but no triangles, Please!
  • We will have three Challenges this year! 

              >The Sunflower Challenge – projects to be shown at the March meeting and entered in the Quilt Show. 
              >Hand Dye Challenge – projects to be shown at the May meeting.
              >Show ‘n’ Tell 2018 – will we exceed 500 items?  (In 2017, we had 437.)

Announcements –

  • Weather – our Jan and Feb meeting days fall on holidays, so school closing is not a reliable determinant.  If the meeting is to be cancelled due to weather, there an email will be sent out and an announcement posted on the website.  If you do not have email, you will receive a phone call.  (Your name, email and phone must be on the roster to receive notice!)
  • Articles, etc. for the Newsletters are requested from Committee Chairs!
  • Winners of today’s In-House drawings:  Ilse Glatzel, Pat Montez, Agnes Jantz.
  • If you have an item to donate for the Bucket Raffle this year, please bring it to the next meeting.  If there is not enough interest, Naoma will not pursue a license for 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Shaw


GREEN TICKETS – 70”x90” or larger
            1.  Carol Briscoe – for her quilt shown in February
            2.  Starling Bradley - December
            3.  Paula Frederick - August
            4.  Sara Warren - March
            5.  Marilynn Centa - November
            6.  Nancy Greaver – March  (prize collected by a Friend)
            7.  Debbie Marsh – November  (prize collected by a Friend)

 PINK TICKETS – 40”x60” to 70”x90”
            1. Alice LaDuke - April
            2.  Agnes Jantz - October
            3.  Judy Thomas - June
            4.  Becky Hedrick - July
            5.  Naomi Zeleny - September
            6.  Lucy Nichols - February
            7.  Peggy Gonzales - February

 YELLOW TICKETS – Other (small items)
            1.  Renata Schlegel - October
            2.  Joy Sterner - September
            3.  Diane Birner - April
            4.  Yvonne Spilotto – June  (prize collected by a Friend)
            5.  Camille Fieber – June  (prize collected by a Friend)
            6.  Cynthia Fuentes – December
            7.  Pat Rotolo - February

 FINAL TICKET –  Esther Archuleta – December  (prize collected by a Friend)

Here are Snowmen Co-op Blocks from the January meeting, and (on the left) the first blocks for Linda's President's Quilt!

Newsletter & Minutes

Minutes – 15 January 2018

2017 Show ‘n’ Tell Drawing - WINNERS

Above are a couple samples of the new co-op block for Jan/Feb - Snowmen of your own design on a blue background, 9-1/2" square Please!