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One of the highlights of the Show for our visitors, is the chance to try an authentic treadle sewing machine.

Big Daddy bibs (above) and Big Momma bibs - see the fun trims?  Apologies - photos will not load vertically!

Hospice has made a quilt, and is collecting stories from veterans of the Korean War.  The quilt will be on display throughout the community in 2018, with the quilt given away on Veteran's Day.

The Quilt Show Committee puts in a lot of hours before the Show opens - this is just at the Museum.  They have been hard at work for weeks before this.

Every year we have a project for which we prepare kits, and ask our visitors to take a few minutes to sew something.

We have sewing machines set up, and assistance is provided as needed.

This year we have teamed up with Hospice to make Bid Daddy and Big Momma bibs, which will be given to Hospice patients at Christmas.

Sewing Day was the last Saturday of the Show - April 14th.