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Mother's Day Gift  (Darla Duros)

Elegant Embroidery  (Yvonne Cleaver, PCQG)

This year, Pride City Quilt Guild again offered a selection of mini quilts for raffle

Sewn Seeds  (Donna Lamont, City Beat Modern Quilters)

Flower Garden  (Lucille Hinman, PCQG)

Hunter's Star  (Marge Mayernick, PCQG)

2017 Mennonite Challenge Quilt  (Cathy Ortega, PCQG & SLQG)

Trip Around The World  (Liz Alberici, SLQG)

Women of Influence  (M-Quilt Guild, Phoenix)

Many of the largest quilts were displayed on racks in the Main Hall

Disappearing Four Patch  (Patty Kelley, PCQG & SLQG)

Mission Church  (Becky Hedrick, PCQG)

The High Country  (Nancy Shaw, PCQG & SLQG)

Mom's Patch Work (Becky Hedrick, PCQG, and Margaret Hilton

Jim's Branson Quilt  (Carol Clark, PCQG, SLQG, City Beat)