This year, Pride City Quilt Guild again offered a selection of mini quilts for raffle

Not Your Grandmother's Dresden Plate  (Holly Vigil, PCQG)

Jacobean Journey  (Shirley Sawyer)

Around To It  (Paula Frederick, PCQG)

Mountain Memories (Janet Zurovski, SLQG)

Lace Star  (Sara Warren, PCQG and SLQG)

Merry Go Round  (Mari Pretzer, PWQ, CBMQ and PCQG)

Motorcycle Memories  (Mary Beth Shaufler, PCQG)

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Many of the largest quilts were displayed on racks in the Main Hall

Illusions  (Debi Swanson)

Dream Garden  (Linda Bickle, SLQG)

Sample This  (Ruth Rague, CBMQ)

Stained Glass  (Diane Sabus, PCQG)

Hand Dyed Stained Glass  (Jill Jespersen, PCQG)

BOHO Modern  (Yvonne Cleaver, PCQG)

Trip Around The World  (Liz Alberici, SLQG)