In Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the National Park Service  (Nancy Shaw, PCQG  & SLQG)

Memories of Spring  (Regina Bechard, Quilters Above The Clouds)

Page 5

Tranquil Trees  (Gale Miller, PCQG)

Christmas Rectangles & Squares  (Peggy Gonzales, PCQG)

Above & Beyond  (Cindy DiMore, Quilters Above The Clouds)

Growing Up In Rocky  (Mary Kay Witte, PCQG)

Grandmother's Choice  (Ellen Lindow, SLQG)

Cart Paths Only  (Starling Bradley, PCQG)

Stoneybrook Bears  (Darla Duros)

Mountain Sunrise  (Deborah Behringer, SLQG)

Howl  (Agnes Jantz, PCQG)

Bending The Line  (Naomi Zeleny, PCQG)

Christmas Quilt  (Priscilla Palacio, PCQG)

Confetti Fiesta  (Rita Friberg, CQC)

Bed of Roses  (Joy Sterner, PCQG)