Moose In The Window  (Cathy Ortega, PCQG & SLQG)

Playful  (Pat Rotolo, PCQG)

Disappearing Nine Patch  (Peggy Gonzales, PCQG)

Spring Time Stars  (Dianna Hardrick, PCQG)

Page 7

Just My Size  (Becky Hedrick, PCQG)

Tulips In Tribute  (Jean Fiscus, PCQG)

Wren - Ovation  (Carol Clark, PCQG, SLQG & City Beat)

Let's Eat Cake  (Becky Hedrick, PCQG)

Apron Ties  (Mary Kay Witte, PCQG)

Layla's Wardrobe  (Lucy Nichols, PCQG)

Tessa  (Mary Kay Witte, PCQG)  Doll's hair made with tiny yo-yo's!

BoxTrot by Creative Sewlutions  (Naoma O'Neill, PCQG)

Glass Display Case

What Is Your Sign?  (Esther Archuleta, PCQG)

Butterflies and Vines  (Barb Heaton, SLQG)

Great Blue Heron  (Katya Holen, PWQ & City Beat)

Kits to finish Little Dresses were prepared in advance, with and machines and irons available in the classroom for use by visitors.

Kits to make a doll were prepared for children - dolls do not involve any sewing.  A doll will be placed in the pocket on each dress.

Hollyhocks in Grandmother's Garden  (Cass Pearson, PCQG)

Grandma's Yo-Yo Quilt  (Owner - Jill Jesperson, PCQG)

Crazy About You  (Pat Rotolo, PCQG)

Snail Trail Variation  (Gale Miller, PCQG)

Cardinals  (Mary Filer, PCQG, SLQG & Calico Quilters)

Cool Quilt  (Donna Austin, PCQG)