Tessa  (Mary Kay Witte, PCQG)  Doll's hair made with tiny yo-yo's!

BoxTrot by Creative Sewlutions  (Naoma O'Neill, PCQG)

Glass Display Case

What Is Your Sign?  (Esther Archuleta, PCQG)

Moose In The Window  (Cathy Ortega, PCQG & SLQG)

Playful  (Pat Rotolo, PCQG)

Disappearing Nine Patch  (Peggy Gonzales, PCQG)

Butterflies and Vines  (Barb Heaton, SLQG)

Great Blue Heron  (Katya Holen, PWQ & City Beat)

Kits to finish Little Dresses were prepared in advance, with and machines and irons available in the classroom for use by visitors.

Kits to make a doll were prepared for children - dolls do not involve any sewing.  A doll will be placed in the pocket on each dress.

Spring Time Stars  (Dianna Hardrick, PCQG)

Page 7

Hollyhocks in Grandmother's Garden  (Cass Pearson, PCQG)

Grandma's Yo-Yo Quilt  (Owner - Jill Jesperson, PCQG)

Crazy About You  (Pat Rotolo, PCQG)

Just My Size  (Becky Hedrick, PCQG)

Snail Trail Variation  (Gale Miller, PCQG)

Tulips In Tribute  (Jean Fiscus, PCQG)

Cardinals  (Mary Filer, PCQG, SLQG & Calico Quilters)

Wren - Ovation  (Carol Clark, PCQG, SLQG & City Beat)

Cool Quilt  (Donna Austin, PCQG)

Let's Eat Cake  (Becky Hedrick, PCQG)

Apron Ties  (Mary Kay Witte, PCQG)

Layla's Wardrobe  (Lucy Nichols, PCQG)