Falling Pinwheels  (Agnes Jantz, PCQG)

Starburst  (Nancy Shaw, PCQG, SLQG & CQC)

Chris's Crown Royal Quilt  (Carol Clark, PCQG, SLQG & CBMQ)

Pink Dream  (Joy Sterner, PCQG)

Flocks of Geese  (Nancy Morlan, Rippin & Stitchin)

Floral Fantasy  (Debbie Marsh, PCQG)

Pincushion Display from the collection of Margaret Arnot (SLQG & Calico Quilters)

Simply Scrappy Flowers  (Bev McCartee, PCQG)

Page 7

Flower Embroidery  (Alice LaDuke, PCQG)

Bear  (Dianna Hardrick, PCQG)

Irma - made of yo-yo's  (Mary Kay Witte, PCQG)

Skyward Nines  (Susan Raymer, OSQ)

Groucho  (Judi Baker, OSQ)

Colorado Twister  (Debi Swanson)

2016 Fall Mystery Quilt  (Gayle Liechty, PCQG)

Andy's House Cat  (Renee Helgeson, PCQG & SLQG)

Pine Tree  (Hand quilted by members of PCQG at the State Fair in 2016 & 2017.  Finished by Joy Sterner.)

This Is How It Came Together  (Esther Archuleta, PCQG)

Bargello Quilt w/ Hand Dyed Fabric  (Gayle Liechty, PCQG)