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Fire Rooster  (Esther Archuleta, PCQG)

High Tech Tucks and Peonies  (Mary Filer, Calico Quilters, PCQG & SLQG)

Butterflies  (Donna Austin, PCQG)

Wall Hanging Fabled Flowers  (Linda Pace, PCQG)

Flowers in Bloom  (Carla Wendler, PCQG)

Folded Flower Doll Quilt  (Linda Pace, PCQG)

Kansas Memories  (Nina Stevens, PCQG)

Our THANKS to our PCQG Guild Member who volunteered her time and professional expertise to photograph our Show!

Whoo's There  (Lucy Nichols, PCQG)

Little Dogs  (Donna Austin, PCQG)

Covu  (Carol Davis, PCQG & SLQG)

X's and O's  (Sara Warren, PCQG & SLQG)

Hearts Gone Wild  (Barbara Bell, PCQG)

Krazy Kats  (Joy Sterner, PCQG)

From a Vest to a Quilt  (Agnes Jantz, PCQG)

Autumn Mystery Quilt  (Priscilla Palacio, PCQG)

Spices  (Holly Vigil, PCQG)

Hound Dog Nightmare  (Naomi Zeleny, PCQG)

Comfort  (Cass Pearson, PCQG)

Judi's Love Quilt  (Jill Jespersen, PCQG)

Lucy's Drunken Path  (Lucy Nichols, PCQG)

Hearts And Flowers  (Ann Bush, PCQG)

Go Broncos  (Dianna Hardrick, PCQG)

Southwest Bed Runner  (Mary Beth Shaufler, PCQG)

Cross  (Agnes Jantz, PCQG)