Every year we have a project for which we prepare kits, and ask our visitors to take a few minutes to sew something.

We have sewing machines set up, and assistance is provided as needed.

This year we have teamed up with Hospice to make Bid Daddy and Big Momma bibs, which will be given to Hospice patients at Christmas.

Sewing Day will be on the last Saturday of the Show - April 14th.

Flowered Peacock  (Becky Hedrick, PCQG)

Let It Snow!  (Patricia Montez, PCQG)

Modern Batik Braid  (Mari Pretzer, PWQ, CBMQ & PCQG)

Holiday Poinsettia  (Suzanne Pelletier, OSQ)

Mitzi  (Mary Ellen Rhea, PCQG)

Nature As Seen Through The Eyes of a Quilter  (Agnes Jantz, PCQG)

The Phoenix  (Carol Davis, PCQG & SLQG)

Our THANKS to our PCQG Guild Member who volunteered her time and professional expertise to photograph our Show!

Susan's Calico Cats  (Carol Briscoe, PCQG)

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First Quilt  (Deborah Bruner, PCQG)

Memories of Childhood  (Cass Pearson, PCQG)

Scrappy Strings  (Naomi Zeleny, PCQG)

Bees  (Yvonne Cleaver, PCQG)

Star Splash  (Agnes Jantz, PCQG)

Yo-Yo Wreath Hanging  (Mary Filer, PCQG, SLQG & Calico Quilters)