Here are two views of that wonderful teddy bear!

Rodeo Time

ABC Embroidered Quilt

On the following pages are pictures from our 8th Annual Show, held March 30 - April 8, 2017 at the El Pueblo History Museum.  Featured were 14 quilts by Gloria Peck, with 98 additional quilts submitted by 58 area quilters.

We hosted 1098 visitors during this Show!  Visitors were invited to complete a kit to make a dress for our project, Little Dresses for Africa, from kits we prepared ahead of time.  Children were invited to make a doll to place in the pocket of these dresses.

The quilts shown represent members of 7 quilting guilds across Southern Colorado:  Pride City Quilt Guild, Pueblo West Quilters Guild, City Beat Modern Quilters, Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild, Royal Gorge Quilt Council, Calico Quilters, Quilters Above the Clouds, and our state guild - Colorado Quilt Council.  Many of these quilters belong to more than one guild, but four of the quilters who contributed to this Show do not belong to any organized group.

Babe Ruth Baseball T-Shirt Quilt

Embroidered Animals Baby Quilt

Pride City Quilt Guild

Quilt Show

Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show

Layered Landscape

Our Featured Quilter for 2017 was Gloria Peck.  Gloria has been quilting for many years, and her expertise as a hand quilter is well respected.  Below and on the next page is her story and more than a dozen quilts, including a special teddy bear! that Gloria generously shared with us to represent her work.

The 2017 Show is now Closed!

Our Featured Quilter was Gloria Peck, a former member of PCQG who is a prolific, and proficient, hand quilter.

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