Her father-in-law "found out she could quilt," and gave her these blocks for a quilt.  Again, it is hand quilted. She "hadn't yet learned how to make binding", so she folded the backing over to the front.

Her most recent quilt, Grandma's Fans in the Rose Garden, has intricate piecing and quilting.

This was her first quilt.  Of hand embroidered blocks,  she hand quilted it.

Pride City Quilt Guild

​June Program

Learning to machine quilt .. ..

Another look at the back of the quilt - to see the quilting.

She said this was her first scalloped edge binding.  

Those quilted swirls of feathers were not drawn - that is all free motion!

The instructor quilted one corner of each student's practice piece ..

Helen Paul shared her journey in learning to quilt, showing us some of her earliest quilts.  Her first sewing machine was a Ward's Signature; she later moved up to a Janome, which she still uses.  She is now a longarm quilter, all by free motion.

She took a class on making a lonestar, and bought the rust color fabric just as class was starting so she didn't have a chance to prewash it.  Yes - it bled!  To this day, she still prewashes all her fabrics.

When she developed rheumatoid arthritis, she had to give up the hand quilting - and began quilting on her home machine.

Her quilt of her own hand-dyed fabrics

June  2017

She made quilts for her two daughters - where this one is blue, the other is pink.

By now she had learned how to make binding!