Mennonite Quilt Auction

This annual Sale and Quilt Auction in Rocky Ford has been announced for Friday-Saturday, October 15-16!  It was held as a virtual event last year, but it is being planned as an in-person event for 2021.  More information will be coming, but for now - Save the Dates!

For Sale

Two sewing tables - contact Carol Clark

The white table measures 20" deep x 40" long and 28" tall. I bought it at Jo-Ann's about 6 years ago to use when I went to AZ. I am asking $100.00 and it is in good shape. I put it up on 2x4s because I get water in my basement sometimes. 

The feather weight table is 30"x30" and 27"inch high. It is a true feather weight table that I purchased at the quilt Expo. It has a drop section for the machine and when not in use it has a cover so it can be used as a table. I paid $300.00 for it, but will take $200. It is in good shape with a few scuff marks on the side edges.

Two Opportunities to earn Extra Spending Money!

Two businesses in Pueblo need someone who can do some sewing!

1.  Dincler Stage Equipment (on Broadway) needs some drapes made for the basement of the business.

2.  Dundee Cleaners (on 24th St.) needs a part-time sewist.

For either opportunity, please contact John Grimes at 545-8337.

"Fat Board"

for your Ironing Table


Carol doesn't remember where she got the pattern to make this ironing board. I think parts of it I took from a picture I saw in a quilt magazine and after seeing the price, decided that I could make one a lot cheaper.

I found everything at Lowes and the helper on the floor cut the wood for me which made it very nice for me.

  1. Plywood sheet 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inches thick, I got two cuts out of a sheet. The board measures 59" long x 21" wide. Reminder, you don't want your board too wide or long if you are going to put it on top of your existing ironing board.

  2. From a Wood Plank 3⁄4" x 1-1⁄2", you need four cuts at 16". These will be attached as supports, and will frame your existing ironing board. (See picture of underside of board.)

  3. Upholstery stapler, wood screws to attach the holding planks to the board. Electric drill to secure the wood screws to board or have a husband or son on hand to do this for youJ

  4. Countersink the wood screws from the top of the board and make sure they don't go all the through the planks or you could damage your ironing board or table. I covered my planks with sticky back felt to protect any surface that I would lay my ironing board onto.

  5. Batting to cover the top of board. Make sure it is 100 percent cotton batting, one or two layers.

  6. Canvas to cover the batting with, or use a heavy fabric. After you have the canvas attached to the board, spray it good with water and let it dry. It will tighten even more and make pressing that much easier for you.

  7. If you are not going to put this on top of your existing board then you can make it any size you wish.

    Any questions about how to make this ironing board, please let me know. It is easy to do and if you have help, well that just makes things so much betterJ
    Carol Clark
    Phone and email on file with membership list


    Here is a tutorial on making a board similar to Carol's: 


Fat Quarters by month

Monthly exchange - if you choose to participate.  

Turn in at Registration (with your name) for the drawing during the meeting.

January --  White-on-White

February --  Trees

March --  Horses

April --  Bears

May --  Blues

June --  Patriotic

July --  Pink

August -- Children

September --  Batik

October --  Fall

November --  Christmas

December --  Snowflakes