Quilt Show

Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show

Southern Colorado Regional

Quilt Show

The 14th Annual Quilt Show - 2024

Our Show was held at the El Pueblo History Museum in Pueblo from Thursday, April 4th thru Saturday, April 13th.   The Museum was also open for Pueblo's monthly "First Friday Art Walk".  We recorded 1170 visitors to the Show this year, and logged almost 750 volunteer hours.

An Opening Reception was held for Featured Quilter Yvonne Cleaver on Thursday,       April 4th, with guests invited to vote for their favorite of Yvonne's quilts.  The Featured Corner displayed 16 of her quilts, selected to showcase the variety of projects she has completed over her quilting career; there were 2 additional quilts of Yvonne's to be found throughout the Show in general.

This year we again hosted a Speaker.  Dr. Courtney Willis, Professor Emeritus from the University of Northern Colorado, discussed Quilting on Antique and Vintage Sewing Machines, of which he had many to display and demonstrate.  This Free program was presented on the first Saturday of the Show, April 6th.

Our 2024 Show had 171 quilts on display!  Quilts from over 80 quilters were entered. Most are members of at least of one of nine guilds represented, with a few who are unaffiliated with a group.

The annual Pride City Quilt Guild Bucket Raffle (with 11 different items) was near the front doors - as always, tickets were $1 each or 6/$5.  Visitors chose which item(s) they wished to win by placing their tickets in the respective buckets!  The drawing for these items was held following the close of the Quilt Show, at our April meeting on 4/15/2024 at 10:30a.

The Pride City Quilt Guild issued a challenge to its members to make a quilt top using only scraps or fabric from their stash.  The names of 34 quilts submitted for this Challenge are marked below with **.  City Beat Modern Quilters also issued a challenge to its members.  Those 6 quilts are marked below with ##.

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do - or Do Without!

Our theme this year was seen throughout our exhibits - it was the inspiration for the Pride City Challenge, and it was the basis for activities during the Kids Classes on Fridays, April 5th and 12th.

The displays below were in and around the display case as one entered the Community Gallery.  Quilts were often made with the last scraps from clothing. Wonderful, decorative stitching was used over the seams of the odd shaped pieces on "crazy quilts".  Hand embroidery is seldom seen today.

The Quilts of 

Our Featured Quilter - Yvonne Cleaver

  Happy                            Candy                         Happy                        Connecting  Birthday                       Cane Lane                      Easter                          Flowers

Best of Friends                            Prairie Meadow                        Seamstress 

Elegant Embroidery                     Meet Me in Paris                    Fresh Cut Roses 

    Monarch                                Mariner's Compass              Winter Wonderland

My Little Lamb                             Alaska Magic                           Autumn Leaves

Main Galleria

Christmas Pickle                             In the Neighborhood                       Raspberries & Cream  Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)              Nancy Morlan (R&S)                      Cathy Ortega (PC, SL)

Warm Wishes                                      Imaginary Day                                    Monet's Garden     Faye Bills                                         Irene Drewnicky                        Robyn Whetsel (PC, SL)

Midnight Garden                              Basket Weave                                    Spring Has Sprung Carolyn Baker (PC, SL)                 Shirley Schwab (SL)                              Paula Fredrick (PC)

Sunbonnet Girls                                     Lightening                                          Dragonfly   Quilter Unknown                              Peggy Gonzales (PC, SL)                       Faye Bills   owned by Mary Kay Witte (PC)

Barns with Quilts                                     Pirouette                                     Ladies Floral Basket Patty Kelley (SL)                             Paula Fredrick (PC)                       Carolyn Baker (PC, SL)   

Roses in Winter                                      Arabella                                          Almost a Lone Star  Renee Helgeson (PC)                       Nancy Morlan (R&S)                             Patty Kelley (SL)

Circle Clusters                                Dolls from May Countries                                                Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)                       Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)  

Orphan's Home **                            This Took Forever **                                   Scrap Crazy ** Gale Miller (PC, CB)                       Mary Vandeberg (PC, SL, PP)               Naomi Zeleny (PC)

Pride City Quilt Guild                       Blue Green Challenge **                     Carolina's Scraps ** Challenge Guidelines                       Cathy Ortega (PC, SL)                   Carolyn Baker (PC, SL)

Scrappy **                                                 Leftovers **                                    Challenge Quilt ** Sara Warren (PC, SL)                       Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)                          Paula Fredrick (PC)

Wonky Diamonds                       My Scraps and                               Colores de los Muertos ** and Flowers **                         Salvage Memories **                           Marka Rapenchuk (PC)    Cass Pearson (PC)                     Diane May (PC)

Fall In Colorado **                                 Scrap Crazy **                                    Tim's Quilt **        Tracy Dempsey (PC, SL)                 Kay Loudenberry (PC, OSQ)               Jill Jespersen (PC)

Blue Special **                                               Leftovers **                                 Big Blue **    Carol Briscoe (PC, SL, Cal)                         Carol King (PC)                        Holly Vigil (PC)

Challenge Quilt **                                              Crumbs **                       Organized Chaos **    Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)                       Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)             Esther Archuleta (PC)

Confetti Contained **                               X Marks the Spot:                    This Becomes This **  Maryellen Naughton                          A Nine-Patch Design **                      Alice LaDuke                                                                         Eloise Wenzel (PC)    

                     (The quilts below are on benches in the rear area of the Community Gallery)

2024 Challenge Scrap Quilt **                Crazy Scrap Quilt **                                                       Priscilla Palacio (PC, SL, Cal)                   Dianna Hardrick (Cal)

Crumbs & Curves **                          Color Me Happy **                                                                  Kathy Turner (PC)                            Anita Thigpen (PC)

Scrappy Kaffe **                              Tunnel Vision **                                                                      Alesandra Russell (PC)                 Sue Turnquist (PC, CB, PP)

PC Challenge Quilt **                      Flower Explosion **                             Scraps **                    Carol Briscoe (PC, SL, Cal)             Julie Racine (PC, SL)                          Jean Heuton (PC)

Hearts & Flowers for Grandma **           Tumbling Triangles **                                                     Pat Montez (PC)                                     Peggy Gonzales (PC, SL)

International Gallery

Remembrance                                          Toy Box Quilt #1                                                      Elizabeth Martin (PC)                              Pat Rotolo (PC)

Sofa Throw of Many Colors    Grandma Did the Best She Could           Dot - Dot Challenge   Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)                              Martha Pahljina                                   Melanie Long  

Star Clusters                                         Flannels at 50                                   Charm Quilt    Irene Drewnicky                               Mary Kay Witte (PC)                       Lorraine Kohrs (PC) 

Finally                                                  Northern Tracks                      Flora & Feathers Forever  Carol King (PC)                            Kay Loudenberry (PC, OSQ)            Judy Case (Cal)

Spring Rabbits                                         More Color                                      Sticks and Stones  Jean Heuton (PC)                            Renee Helgeson (PC)                             Joy Sterner (PC)

Spare Change                               Live to Ride, Ride to Live             In Loving Memory of Tito Deb Behringer (PC, SL)                  Cha Cha Hanson (PC)               Cynthia Ortiz Fuentes (PC)

Apothecary, Parquet                           Anna's Baskets                                  My COVID Quilt    Patti Rodriguez (PC)                          Judy Case (Cal)                                    Starling Bradley

O Happy Day                                    Serendipity                            LEGO-LAND & The Builder    Naomi Zeleny (PC)                         Diana Behling (PC)                     Cha Cha Hanson (PC)

Boxes and Bows                             Rainbow Ribbons                           Tony's Sports Quilt        Robyn Whetsel (PC, SL)              Gale Miller (PC, CB)                            Teresa Grice (PC)

Porch Rails                                           Loralei Gals                                           Fall and Winter   Cass Pearson (PC)                         Julie Racine (PC, SL)                             Naoma Oneill (PC)

Community Gallery

Halloween Attic                                 Not Just Black & White              Raven, Pumpkins, Bats Sharon Sheehan (Helping Hands)       Anita Thigpen (PC)                 Margaret Arnot (SL, Cal)

Everett Cottage                               Kiss Me, You Fool                               Lovin' on Old Moses  Faye Bills                                    Sue Turmquist (PC, CB, PP)         Sue Turnquist (PC, CB, PP)               

Mom's Flower Garden                      My Little Mermaid                                          Hey June       Kris Sparks (PC, SL, Cal)                    Barbara Bell (PC)                                       Kim Schwab 

Polka Dot Affair                              Boho Winners Bouquet                          Solar Flare  Margaret Arnot (SL, Cal)                      Cheri Walker (PC, SL)                 Sara Warren (PC, SL)

The Recital                                            Adventures                                         I Love My Dogs  Eloise Wenzel (PC)                    Maryellen Naughton (PC)                     Alesandra Russell (PC)

Statue of Liberty                                 Patriotic Kids                                       My Home Town   Robin Beattie (CB)                       Teresa Parkinson (PW)                            Pat Rotolo (PC) 

Baby Pink                                     Beading Heart Trio and My Beading Heart                           Donna Paulsen (PC, CB)                  Kathy Turner (PC)

Salt Water Taffy                                          Star Baby                                        Silly Bugs      Donna Austin (PC)                                 Donna Paulsen (PC, CB)                     Pat Montez (PC)

Leftovers in Pink                                 Bethany's Boots                                  Nursery Rhymes     Carol Gerler                                      Tracy Dempsey (PC, SL)                       Irene Drewnicky 

Tumbling Blocks                                   Zigzag Stars                                    Blessings of Spring   Patricia Poerio                             Donna Austin (PC)                                       Diane May (PC)

Christmas Curved Log Cabin               Christmas Friendships                                          Sharon Sheehan (Helping Hands)         Barbara Bell, Linda Pace, Janice Jones (PC)   

Wintertime                                                   Ivory                                                       Red            Starling Bradley                                    Frank Tate                                            Frank Tate

Red on Black and Grey                             Coffee                                    Memory of Thailand    Ruth Rague (CB)                                  Kim Schwab                                 Dayle MacCormack  

Lace Stars                                         Five and Ten                                       Colors of Colorado  Donna Austin (PC)                         Donna Austin (PC)                                 Ruth Rague (CB)

Field of Flowers                             Slide Rule Quilt                                       Valentine                  Holly Vigil (PC)                                 Kari Nichols                                       Carol Nachtigall (PC)

Bali Sea Star                                           Hawaii                                                  Quilt Diva            Sharon Sheehan (Helping Hands)     Mary Lee Gardner                    Kris Sparks (PC, SL, Cal)

Quilt Squad                                          Quilt Squad                                           Ironing Diva   Carol Briscoe (PC, SL, Cal)           Mary Vandeberg (PC, SL, PP)          Dianna Hardrick (Cal) 

Scraps                                              It Was For Leo                                            Duck Tales    Barb Beckner (SL)                        Jill Jespersen (PC)                                 Kathy Turner (PC)                                                        Ann Wolgamood, Linda Slack 

Red Fox                                            E'toile De France                                         Indian Star  Julie Racine (PC, SL)                     Mary Beth Shaufler (PC)                  Mary Beth Shaufler(PC)

Star Cluster ##                              Modern Churn Dash ##                       Double Aster ##        Sharon McMahon (CB, PW)          Mari Pretzer (CB, PW)                      Katya Holen (CB, PW)

Castle Rock Crocus ##                 Modern Dresden Plate ##                          Spring ##  Katya Holen (CB, PW)                  Sharon McMahon (CB, PW)              Katya Holen (CB, PW)

Henry                                                  Amish Sampler                                         Rose Trellis Holly Vigil (PC)                               Nancy Morlan (R&S)       Sharon Sheehan (Helping Hands)

Atsuko's UFO                                                Blue and Gray Star                                                  Atsuko Griffin, Lorraine Kohrs (PC)             Donna Austin (PC)

Brody's Project

Our Community Project for 2024 is a collection of donations in support of the Humane Society facility in Pueblo.  It is named for Brody - the shelter pet adopted by our Featured Quilter.

They have indicated a continuous need for the following items:

> Unopened dog and cat treats                                                     > Cat toys and shelter-safe dog toys (Nylabones, Kongs, BarkBox Super Chewers)                                                                > Puppy pads            > Paper towels                                              > Non-clumping cat litter                                                                > Peanut butter - regular, NOT sugar-free (the sweetener is poisonous to animals)                                                                      > Clean, good condition, full-size towels                                       >  Airline pet carriers (no wire crates or soft-sided carriers)        > Feliway calming spray for cats

They will not take cat or dog food as they must maintain a consistency of diet for the animals.  Donations of cash for this effort are always appreciated.