Quilt Show

Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show


The 14th Annual Quilt Show will be held April 4 - 13, 2024.  Entry forms will be available in December - at the meeting and on this website; deadline for entry is Monday, March 18.  

Challenge for this year:  make a scrap quilt (crumb quilt, krazy quilt, etc) 68-76" wide x 68-84" long.  Top must be made from scraps and/or stash ONLY!  Batting & backing may be purchased.

Southern Colorado Regional

Quilt Show

The 13th Annual Quilt Show

Our 2023 Show has concluded!  There were 133 quilts from 50+ quilters representing ten Colorado quilt guilds, seven quilters who are unaffiliated, and two quilters from out-of-state!  In addition, there were items in the Display Case in the Back Gallery, Camden bags on an adjacent hall tree, quilted jackets on dress forms, and embellished cards.

Although no quilt appraisals were conducted this year, there was a children's class held each Friday - a Scavenger Hunt the first week, and the kids sewed a couple of bean bags the second week. As our Community Project, we collected fabric, sewing/quilting tools and accessories, and unused sewing machines for the Navajo Quilt Project.

An Opening Reception was held for Featured Quilter Donna Austin on Thursday, March 30th, with guests invited to vote for their favorite of Donna's quilts.  The Featured Corner displayed 19 of her quilts selected to showcase the variety of projects she has completed over her quilting career; there were 3 additional quilts to be found throughout the Show in general.

We had 1,259 visitors sign our guest book this year, several from out of state.

New this year, we had a Speaker! Susan Hudson is a Navajo quilt artist, who came from Sheep Springs, NM. She gave a program on Saturday, April 1st. See more about her in BLOCK magazine v.8 no. 4, 2021.  Our Community Project this year collected 60 bags of fabric and sewing supplies, and 7 sewing machines in good working condition, for donation to the Navajo Nation (includes portions of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah).

 The annual Pride City Quilt Guild Bucket Raffle (with 10 different items) was near the front doors - as always, tickets were $1 each or 6/$5.  Choose which item(s) you wished to win by placing your tickets in the respective buckets!  The drawing for these items was held following the close of the Quilt Show, at our April meeting 4/17/2023 at 10:00a.

The Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild also showed their raffle quilt for 2023 - Circles of Peace.  Tickets were available for the drawing to be held at the December 2023 meeting.

The Quilts of 

Our Featured Quilter - Donna Austin

                                             Quilt and Pillows in the Glass Display case

Landscape                                  Butterflies in                                    Y Mania           Fantasy                                  Blue and Green

Pansy Islands                       Baskets of Flowers         Green and Black Drama -                                                                             (voted Favorite of Donna's quilts)

My Amsterdam                         Kaleidoscopes                          Korean Memento      Quilt

Mars 2004                           Night Time in 1450 AD            Southwest Souvenirs

Out of                 Castle               The Feather        My Heart Belongs    Into and the Tunnel                                                                    to Good Books        Out of                                                                                                                          the River

Donna Austin                          My Peach Quilt                               Asian Picture

Main Galleria

Jacob's Friends                             (Back of Jacob's Friends)                    Ribbon Theory Donna Austin (PC)                                                                                        Donna Austin (PC)

Autumn Leaves                                      Liberty                                      Priceless Butterflies    Carol King                                   Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)                             Nancy Morlan (R&S)                                                                                                        and Grandma Gray and Shelby

Prairie Meadow                               Allie's Folly                                               Labyrinth Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)             Allie Russell (PC)                              Vicki Becker (PW, CB)

Safe Harbor                                          Cosmos                                            Valley Traditions  Holly Vigil (PC)                          Mary Beth Shaufler (PC)                            2023 Raffle Quilt                                                                                                                   Old Schoolhouse Quilters

Simplicity                                             Seamstress                            Purple Mountains Majesty  Paula Fredrick (PC)                       Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)                        Anita Thigpen   

Air Academy                                    Baltimore Quilt                          The Hidden Star Sampler Nancy Morlan (R&S)                       Marilyn Morford (QATC)                         Caroline Gonzales

Covid Rag                                          Pink Passion                                           Nine Sisters  Nancy Morlan (R&S)                       Virginia Johnson (SL)                         Paula Fredrick (PC)

Chain Gang                                       Dresden Plate                                  Yellow and Blue   Paula Fredrick (PC)                        Mary Beth Shaufler (PC)             Yvonne Cleaver PC, OSQ)

Hop the Fence                                         Southwest                              Christmas Poinsettia Kris Sparks (PC, SL, Calico)          Barb Tuttoilmondo (Calico)                 Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)

Aurora Borealis                               I Heart You                                         Beloved Sunflowers   Holly Vigil (PC)                                Becky Hedrick (PC)                              Carolyn Baker (SL)

International Gallery

Trellis                                                 Toes in the Sand                                Long Time Gone      Diane May (PC)                                 Allie Russell (PC)                              Susan Ragan (PW)

Fish Follies                                                 Spring                                                                           Becky Hedrick (PC)                          Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)                               

Mystery Quilt 2021                   Dream Big Flower Panel                Buckskin, Call of the Wild     Priscilla Palacio (PC, SL)          Kay Loudenberry (PC)                       Jami Alwin (Wyoming)

Winter Wonderland            (closeup of embroidery)       Geisha, Birthday Card, Valentine Judy Case (CQC)                                                                                   Linda Pace (PC)

2022 Pride City Mystery Quilt

Day of the Dead             2022 Mystery Quilt        Mystery Quilt                   Autumn Leaves   Mary Beth Shaufler (PC)  Cathy Ortega (PC, SL)  Esther Archuleta (PC)     Janice Jones (PC)

2022 Mystery Quilt                        PCQG 2022 Mystery                            My Flower Garden  Pat Rotolo (PC)                              Gale Miller (PC, CB)               Carol Briscoe (PC, SL, Calico)

Flower Garden                                     Mystery Quilt                                         Mystery Quilt      Naomi Zeleny (PC)                            Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)                       Cass Pearson (PC)

Mystery Garden                                Mystery Quilt 2022                          Mystery Quilt 2022   Barbara Bell (PC)                              Donna Austin (PC)                    Peggy Gonzales (PC, SL)

Back Gallery

Shop Hop 2022                                      Signature Quilt                                    Color Blocks  Carol Briscoe (PC, SL)                            Linda Pace (PC)                             Jill Jespersen (PC)

A Colorado Hug                Tilda's Cats                     Dragonfly Flight            Cinnamon Toast  Jill Jespersen (PC)     Barb Tuttoilmondo (Calico)    Julie Racine (PC)               Kim Schwab

Cactus Carnival Thank-You             Flower Quilt                                                 Squared                 Diane May (PC)                           Priscilla Palacio (PC, SL)                         Janet Thielmier 

Candles of Advent                               Gnomes Abound                           Halloween Fun  Mary Kay Witte (PC)                      Anne Kirkland (PC)                           Barbara Bell (PC)

Gone Wild                                    Memory Irish Quilt                              A True Irish Chain  Susan Raymer (OSQ)                    Bev McCartee (PC)                            Bev McCartee (PC)

Star Sampler                                   Feeding Frenzy                                   Scrappy Christmas   Pat Rotolo (PC)          Janice Jones and Christine Burnham (PC)                 Diane May (PC) 

Tropical Pines                                      Wild Horses                                   Amish Square Dance  Pat Montez (PC)                               Kay Loudenberry (PC)                  Cindy DeMore (QATC)

Dream Big                                                Dream Big                                  Work in Purple   Faye Billis                                             Frank Tate                                   Joy Sterner (PC)

Blue Onion                                  GE Design - Wanda                             Beauty of the South Janet Thielmier                               Kim Schwab                            Naomi Perry (Possum Town                                                                                                               Quilters in Columbus, MS)

Hummingbird                                    Burst of Color                                     Vintage Flowers        Linda Saylor (PW, CB)                  Suzanne Pelletier (OSQ)                     

Origami Peace Cranes     Cactus Garden               Is That a Kitty?                  Easter Parade  Mary Vandeberg       Kay Loudenberry (PC)        Judy Thomas (PC)       Bev McCartee (PC)  (PC, SL, PP) 

Where's Waldo                            Sue and the Dresden Plate                            Mama Llama     Allie Russell (PC)                            Esther Archuleta (PC)                     Katya Holen (CB, PW)

Pandemic Panic                              Quick Trip Bargello                      Bright Books and a Cat  Mary Kay Witte (PC)                  Peggy Gonzales (PC, SL)                   Gale Miller (PC, CB)      

Forest Lights                           Do These Stripes                                        Even the Sunflower                                                           Make My Butt Look Big?                           Wept                 Pat Rotolo (PC)                         Sue Turnquist (PP)                                 Sue Turnquist (PP)

Soho                                            Rhymes of the Universe                            Optical Dispersion   Cass Pearson (PC)                              Ruth Rague (CB)                          Katya Holen (CB, PW)

Kaleidoscope in Grey                                In Flight                                             Women in Gold  Naoma Oneill (PC)                            Carol Clark (PC, SL)               Barb Tuttoilmondo (Calico)

Hang That Yang                               All That Glitters                                  Feathered Star  Donna Paulsen (PC)                       Kathleen Helm (PC, SL))                   Katya Holen (CB, PW)

Confetti and Streamers                 Whimsy's Doodles                                   Cutting Corners   Katya Holen (CB, PW)              Naomi Perry (Possum Town       Margaret Arnot (Calico, SL)                                                         Quilters in Columbus, MS)

My Featherweight                     In Honor of Juliana                       Hanging on My Gramma's       Challenge                                                                                                   Apron Strings    Donna Paulsen (PC, Calico)         Cass Pearson (PC)                      Cynthia Ortiz Fuentes (PC)

2030                                                    Blue Houses                  Two Paint Chip Card Challenge  Holly Vigil (PC)                            Gale Miller (PC, CB)                             Vicki Becker (PW, CB)

Black & White                            Coat of Many Colors                                Pieces of 8 Jacket     Patchwork Jacket                                                                                                                         Virginia Johnson (SL)                 Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)         Kris Sparks (PC, SL, Calico)

Jackets displayed on dress forms,

 with clothing provided by the courtesy of The Bargain Box

Saturday, April 1st, Presentation by Susan Hudson