Quilt Show

Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show

Southern Colorado Regional

Quilt Show

2023 Quilt Show

> Our Show will be held March 30 - April 8, same place, same Entry Fee ($6)

> Returning this year, our Opening Reception!  Thursday, March 30, 2:00-4:00p

> The Featured Quilter this year is Donna Austin.

> New this year, we will have a Speaker!  Susan Hudson is a Navajo artist, coming to us from Sheep Springs, NM.  She will give a program on Saturday, April 1st.  See more about her in BLOCK magazine v.8 no. 4, 2021.

> Challenge for 2023:  Think Outside the Box!  Create a quilt to tell your family history, legacy, story, etc.  Max 24" x 24".  Due at the March PCQG meeting (3/20).

> Community Project:  collect sewing supplies and unused sewing machines for donation to the Navajo Nation (includes portions of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah).

> Entry form available for Download/Print from the Announcements page.

The 12th Annual Quilt Show

Our 2022 Show has concluded!  There were 164 quilts from 53 quilters representing 10 quilt guilds, and four quilters who are unaffiliated. In addition, there were a number of other items in the Display Case in the Back Gallery - the Open Wide bags (in three sizes) and the Moravian Stars from our classes last Fall.

Although no demos or quilt appraisals were held this year, there was a children's class held each Friday - a Scavenger Hunt the first week, and the kids created a miniature Barn Quilt the second week - see their pictures at the end of the Quilt Show below. As our Community Project we collected new stuffed animals and sweatshirts/pants (in both childrens and adult sizes) which became three carloads given to ACOVA.

An Opening Reception was held for Featured Quilter Carol Davis on Thursday, March 31st, with guests invited to vote for their favorite of Carol's quilts.  The Featured Corner displayed 24 of her quilts selected to showcase the variety of projects she has completed over her quilting career; there were 3 additional quilts to be found throughout the Show in general.

We hosted 1580 visitors this year - the most ever for our Show.  Folks came from near and far around Colorado, and from some other states as well (Kentucky, New Mexico, Oklahoma, ..)

 The annual Pride City Quilt Guild Bucket Raffle (with 11 different items) was near the front doors - as always, tickets were $1 each or 6/$5.  Choose which item(s) you wish to win by placing your tickets in those buckets!  The drawing for these items was held following the close of the Quilt Show, at our April meeting 4/18/2022 at 10:00a.

The Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild also showed their raffle quilt for 2022 - My Blue Heaven - tickets were available for the drawing held at the July 2022 meeting.

The Quilts of

Featured Quilter - Carol Davis

Moon Glow                                  Stonehenge                        Stitcher's Garden

Mariner's Compass    Blue Birds Go to School   Fairyland        My Life Story

Covu                             Raccoons            What's For Lunch?         The Phoenix

Butterfly                  Small Hexi              Shirts and Ties          Red Mini Flowers            Tiny   in Flight                Flower Garden                                                                                 Umbrellas

Campbell's Children         Dresden Plate Romance    Carol's Flower Garden

Main Galleria

Tree of Life                                               Starburst                                        Fall Explosion Carol Davis (PC, SL)                          Marilyn Morford, (QATC)                         Carolyn Baker (SL)

Wild Horse Panel Quilt                          Bahama Waters                                      Button Hole       Nancy Morlan (S&R)                           Carol Nachtigall (PC)                             Sandra Kline (SL)

Christmas Apples                                Dominique's Treasure                           Fiesta Stars Cathy Ortega (PC, SL)                                 Faye Bills                                   Paula Fredrick (PC)

Whispering Pines                                Hunter's Star                                   Cowboys & Horses  Sandi McGoff (SL)                          Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)                   Dianna Hardrick (PC)

Birds On  A Wire                                   Millefiore                                      Snowman Collector  Kathleen Helm (PC, SL)                       Jan Shuping                                 Kris Sparks (SL, Calico)   

Tie Heaven                         Fall & Winter with Sunbonnet Sue                     Signature Quilt Carolyn Baker (SL)                            ChaCha Hanson (PC)                              Joy Sterner (PC)        

Rolling Star in Purple                               Outer Space                                     Aurora Borealis Donna Austin (PC)                               Kathleen Helm (PC, SL)                         Sandi McGoff (SL)

Pink Roses                                       Cabin By The Sea                     Christmas Extravaganza Agnes Jantz (PC)                               Donna Austin (PC)                               Carolyn Baker (SL)

Colorado                                          Gale's  Birthday                               Pathway Of The Stars Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)                    Gale Miller (PC)                          Carol Nachtigall (PC)

Dresden Plate                               Maxy Half Square Triangles                          Irish Chain       Patty Kelley (SL)                                Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)                        Kris Sparks (SL, Calico)

Gran's Quilt                                           Dick  & Jane                                                                    Rose Shugart (OSQ)                          Rhonda Kennedy (Columbine Quilt Guild)

Side Gallery

Li'l Baskets                       Steal Your Face                   Spool Souffle                        Rickrack Mary Filer ((SL)            Mary Beth Shaufler (PC)         Cass Pearson (PC)              Diane May (PC)

Faceted Star                                       Good Night Irene                     Flowers & Purple Ribbon  Becky Chapin (Piecing Partners)      Shirley Schwab (SL)                               Agnes Jantz (PC)

Pueblo West Quilters' Presidents's Quilt -- Patsy Morris

Vintage Typewriter                               Scrappy Dresden                                      Crazy Six  ChaCha Hanson (PC)                              Irene Drewnicky                                    Mary Filer (SL)

2021 Pride City Mystery Quilt

Cross Stitch              Cross Stitch Sunflowers        Cross Stitch                         Mystery Quilt  Peggy Gonzales (PC,SL)      Barbara Bell (PC)       Esther Archuleta (PC)      Cass Pearson (PC)

Mystery Quilt                                    Tropical Fantasy                                       Mystery Quilt  Mary Ellen Rhea (PC)                       Patricia Montez (PC)                       Mary Beth Shaufler (PC)

2021 Mystery Quilt                               X Marks The Spot                                Peter's Quilt          Pat Rotolo (PC)                                     Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)                       Jill Jespersen (PC)

Mystery 2020                                   Mystery Quilt                                Mystery & Elephants   Naomi Zeleny (PC)                      Cathy Ortega (PC, SL)                             Donna Austin (PC)

Back Gallery

Lily Pond                                      A Monster Under The Bed                          Old Guys Rule  Jill Jespersen (PC)                                Carol Davis (PC, SL)                       Dianna Hardrick (PC)

Geometric                                        Patchwork Pals                                Corona High School  Holly Vigil (PC)                              Carol Davis (PC, SL)                            Patty Dunington (PWQ)

Spider Web                                 Candy Is Dandy                                             Starlight                 Peggy Gonzales (PC, SL)        Vicki Shafer & Sandy Fundom (SL)                  Pat Rotolo (PC)

Aurora                                                 Shuffle Table Runner                           Colorado Fun Diane Birner (PC, SL)                      Katya Holen (CB, PWQ))                           Linda Saylor (CB)

My Happy                                     Bright Butterflies on Black                         Crayon Box  Donna Austin (PC)                               Gale Miller (PC, CB)                       Jennifer Butard (PWQ)

My Dowry Quilt                             My Flower Garden                                  Painted Ponies   Alesandra Russell (PC, CB)          Carol Briscoe (PC, SL)                 Maryellen Naughton (PC, SL)

Tumbling Blocks                                Braided Twist                                         Snow Flowers  Holly Vigil (PC)                               Marilynn Centa (SL)                            Katya Holen (CB, PWQ)

Spider Web                                                Sunny Days                       Christmas Jelly Roll Race  Esther Archuleta (PC)                         Janet Zurovski (SL)                           Lezlie Evel (SL)

Gnomes For The Holidays              A Very Rye Christmas               12 Days of Christmas  Maryellen Naughton (PC, SL)                Sandi McGoff (SL)                   Patty Dunnington (PWQ)

Braided Twist                                     Oh Christmas Tree                           Forest Night Quiltlet Mary Filer (SL)                              Maryellen Naughton (PC, SL)                     Marilynn Centa (SL)

Express Tracks                                 Traveling T-shirts                        Block of the Month 2021  Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)                        Gale Miller (PC, CB)                    Joy Sterner (PC)

Treasures to Love                                    Heirloom                                           Flip Flops      Dianna Hardrick (PC)                      Sandra Kline (SL)                              Esther Archuleta (PC)

Quilted Skinnies For All Seasons --  Marilynn Centa (SL)

Quilt of Valor                                       Stack & Whack                                Funky Chickens Sandy Fundom (SL)                         Kris Sparks (SL, Calico)                   Carol Briscoe (PC, SL)

Chirp                            The Journaling Quilt by Anita Goodesign                   Southern Belles  Deborah Behringer (SL)                 Rose Shugart (OSQ)                               Carol Davis (PC, SL)

Spider Web One                                 Covid Neighborhood                                  Mini Time   Jill Jespersen (PC)                                 Nancy Uzar (PC, SL)                         Naomi Zeleny (PC)

Minni Dresdens                                Vintage Bouquet                            Ribbon Dance Runner  Paula Fredrick (PC)                              Diane May (PC)                                Lezlie Evel (SL)

Barbara's Sunset                  Kimberbell's Broomhilda's Bakery                 Gobble Gobble  Janice Jones (PC)                            Irene Drewnicky                                  Bonnie Masterson

Hop and Shop 2021               Scrappy Fall Table Runner      Happy Sunflower Table Runner  Naomi Zeleny (PC)                       Nancy Morlan (S&R)                       Nancy Morlan (S&R)

Ghosts, Goblins & Witches                 Blossom                                     Red, White and Bloom   Janet Zurovski (SL)                          Mary Filer (SL)                          Yvonne Cleaver (PC, OSQ)

Kimberbell - The Boardwalk     Betty Boop-Oop-A-Doop                  Just Moosing Around    Irene Drewnicky                             ChaCha Hanson (PC)                        Linda Saylor (CB)

Bear Walk                              Rocky Mountain National Park                    Four Patch Posie  Agnes Jantz (PC)                       Katya Holen (CB, PWQ)                             Mary Kay Witte (PC)

Orange Blossom Special                   Tea In The Garden                                 Mesa Vista    Joy Sterner (PC)                                        Mary Filer (SL)                                  Ruth Rague (CB)

Log Cabin Starburst                  Tumbling Down The Nile                    Bursting In The Air   Cindy DeMore (QATC)               Peggy Gonzales (PC, SL)                     Donna Austin (PC)

Mystery Snowflake                     Remembering Rebecca                        Hearts A-Bound   Rhonda Kennedy (Columbine QG)       Janice Jones (PC)                          Linda Saylor (CB)

Hugs & Kisses                                 Sweater Weather                                    Hunter's Star  Maryellen Naughton (PC, SL)             Mary Filer (SL)                               Katya Holen (CB, PWQ)

Paper Piecing                                      Paper Piecing                              Sweet Farm Babies    Lezlie Evel (SL)                                   Lezlie Evel (SL)                               Nancy Shaw (PC, SL)

Birds & Chenillle                     Everything's Coming Up Roses                      Journey         Kathleen Helm (PC, SL)                   Carol Briscoe (PC, SL)                        Patsy Morris (PWQ)

Two early portable electric sewing machines, by Western Electric.  Open Wide Bags and Moravian Stars from classes at Pride City, Fall 2021.  Stuffed animals to be donated to ACOVA

Children's Classes

On both Fridays during our Show, a special class was held for Children.  The first week a Scavenger Hunt throughout the Museum was conducted.  The second week the kids made a "barn quilt" based on examples on display throughout our Show!