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PRIDE CITY QUILT GUILD Minutes – 20 March 2023

Meeting called to order at 9:30 by Jill Jespersen. Minutes are accepted as published.
Please silence cell phones!!!
Allie Russell has 6 things for in-house raffle:

  • 1. Quilt themed Jigsaw puzzle – Marci Worthington

  • 2. Chicken Pattern with red fat quarters – Julie Racine

  • 3. Book Dynamic Dresden Plates, Templates for Dresden Plates – Diane May

  • 4. Sewing Kit, fat quarters, and notions – Janice Jones

  • 5. Green batik quilt top – Allie Russell

  • 6. Rag quilt, flannel strips – Carol Briscoe

  • Special 6-month quilt $1.00 per ticket or 6 for $5.00.


  • Today – Katya Holen will be presenting a Walking Foot Quilting class.

  • Apr – Mrs. Moo needs money today. Mary Kay Witte has the supply list. Pattern $15.00, Ink Pens - $10.00 if you want to use her ink pens. It will be acceptable to write a check to Pride City Quilt Guild in the amount of $50.00 if you want to use her ink pens, class fee, and the prepared background.

  • May – Chance Auction, Fabric Sale, Potluck

  • June – With Scrappy Ladies, City Beat, and Pueblo West Quilters, we will bring in Alice Ridge to present Circles and curves. There will be 10 seats per guild. Non-slip Circle Savvy Ruler available on Amazon for $45.00. See Diane May to go on wait list for class.

  • July – Deb Howard on Art Quilts class.

  • August – Kari Nichols Strip quilt design

  • September – Courtney Willis on Featherweight machines and how the sewing machine changed lives. 

    Quilt Show:

  • Posters and small handouts for the quilt show are on the back table. Little blue sheets have a list of things to bring for the Navajo Quilt Project.

  • Some of the members will be making the trip to Sheep Springs to deliver the donated stuff to the Navajo nation.

  • Today is the deadline for quilt registration.

  • Cathy does lots of work with the registration forms.

  • White glove ladies are needed.

  • Kids' activities will include a scavenger hunt on April 7th and making bean bags. Two bean bags are made. The kids will have to make the other two. One sewn by hand, and one sewn by machine. Volunteers for these classes are needed.

  • Vaccination cards are required for hostesses. Please bring your cards or your phone if that is where your vaccination status is stored.

  • Yard signs will be available for pickup at the museum when you bring your quilts in.

  • Reception is Thursday March 30th from 2 – 4. Please sign the guest book and vote for your favorite quilt of Donna Austin's.

  • Susan Hudson will be speaking on April 1st at 1:00. The Museum will be live streaming her presentation. Holly will be giving a tutorial on getting tickets for Susan's presentation.

  • Donations for Susan's fee are needed and have been received so far.

  • The museum is very excited to have our show and Susan speaking.

  • You can meet so many different people hosting at the quilt show. So much fun! Bring handiwork project when hosting. That will encourage interaction with visitors.

    Committee Reports:

  • Welcome/Sunshine – Holly in for Cathy. 51 members and 3 guests attended today. Drawing for one yard of fabric for wearing a name tag went to Naomi Zeleny.

  • Cass Pearson and Diane Birner were twinsies today with the same sweater on. New members today were Bev McCartee and Carol King (not the song writer). Cass Pearson's phone number is 543 instead of 542. Pinks were fat quarters this month. One bundle of 7 went to Susie Rimsky. Next month will be cats and dogs.

  • Naoma O'Neill – Jill has 6 kits and 4 completed kits from Mary Vandeberg and Julie Racine. Three from Diane Sabus to go to the Nurse's Family Partnership. The others go to the YWCA's women's shelter. There are kits available to put together. Some just need to be quilted.

  • Eight pillowcases were donated today by Barbara Bell. 

    Treasurer's Report:

  • As of the end of January, the balances in our accounts: General Acct. – Start - $7284.39, End - $6749.65, Quilt Show Acct. -Start - $1038.65, End - $1924.51, Raffle Acct. –$941.86.

  • $677.09 was erroneously deposited in the quilt show account that should have been deposited in the main account. This would have resulted in a balance of $7426.74 in the Main account and $1247.42 in the Quilt show account.


  • Stitcher's Garden is always open on the Monday on which our guild meets.

  • Kelly J's quilt shop unfortunately will be closing at the end of April. She has so much on her plate right now. She may have a shop closing sale before the end of April.

    Respectfully Submitted, Mary Beth Shaufler

    March Meeting Photos - Charity Quilts