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Minutes – 20 May 2024

The meeting was called to order at 9:31 by Jill Jespersen.

Please silence cell phones.

Minutes are accepted as published.

There was no in-house raffle at this meeting due to the fabric sale. We will have a super short business meeting also.


• May – Fabric sale and potluck. Guild has enough money to supply fried chicken. Members brought sides. Those assigned to bring desserts for that month supplied desserts.

• June – Mrs. Moo will present a fabric painting class. It will be bumble bees. It is $25.00 for the class, $15.00 for the pattern, and $10.00 if you need to use her pens. She wants cash only and exact change.

• July - There will be a round robin beginning quilting class. Teachers are needed.

• August – Alice Ridge will present a trunk show and a class on circles and curves. The cost of the class is $25.00.

• September – Cathy Ortega will present a class on fabric postcards. The fee will be $10.00.

• October – Kari Nichols Will present a class on panel quilts. Supply list and more information later.

• November – Charity sew-in.

• December - Luncheon

Committee Reports:

• Treasurer's Report: As of the end of April, the balances in our accounts: General Acct. – Start - $8458.34, End - $8433.89, Quilt Show Acct. –Start - $1527.87, End – 762.16, Raffle Acct. – Start $171.25, End - $ 567.50.

• Cathy Ortega – 60 members and 2 guests (Paige and Stanna Grant) in attendance today. Paige won the yard of fabric for wearing a nametag.

• Kristine McAllister –  Four fat quarter bundles were brought in. This month's winners are Denise Trujillo, Kay Loudenberry, Marka Rapenchuk, and Priscilla Palacio. This month was pastels. Next month is patriotic.

• Quilt Show –

o Mary Beth Shaufler and Mary Vandeberg have retired from the Quilt Show Committee. We thank them for their help over the years and look forward to their continued help. Mary has been involved in creating kids' class ideas, helping with the kids' classes, as well as our contact with nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Mary Beth created the quilt show aprons, featured quilter ribbons, computer work, making yoyo ribbons, and regular quilt show tasks.

o The new members to the committee are Diane May and Yvonne Cleaver.

o Next year our featured quilter will be Mary Kay Witte. She was nominated by you, her fellow quilters. Each year I ask you to add to that list. The committee discusses the nominees and chooses one from that list. The featured quilter is a southern Colorado quilter and not necessarily from our guild.

o Mary Kay brings a unique array of quilting skills and techniques that don't always become a quilt on a bed or a wall. She does English paper piecing and wool work. Some has become dolls or bags, and we are excited to see it all.

o Next year's show will be April 3rd – 12th. Take in is April 1st at El Pueblo History Museum. The dates are convenient for the museum's schedule. The museum is governed by the Colorado Historical Society and not by El Pueblo's director or even a local board. Things change and we must adapt.

o We considered a change from El Pueblo. It would be very difficult and expensive (church, PCC). PCC, for example, would be $1200.00 a day. 

o We were in discussions with the museum and the Denver people throughout the show to determine how we may continue going forward. We will continue this discussion and update you as we go.

o Currently, we have agreed to an increase in rent from $600 to $1000.

o We qualify as a community partnership, working closer on marketing efforts, social media, field trip help if needed, expanding opportunities for the museum to increase donations, etc.

o We will explore a philanthropic grant as well as raising the entry fee from $6.00 to $7.00/quilt.

o Our goal is to continue to display our quilts in the best possible fashion in a venue that compliments your quilts, is accessible to the public, and lets our community and El Pueblo shine.


• There will be a QOV presentation to veterans next Wednesday the 29th at the Mt. Carmel Veteran's Service Center, at 1:00p.

• Please remember that Stitcher's Garden opens on the third Monday just for us. Please patronize them after the meeting.

• Approximately $1700 taken in from today's fabric sale.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Beth Shaufler

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