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PRIDE CITY QUILT GUILD Minutes - 19 September 2022

Meeting called to order at 9:32 by Jill Jespersen.

Jill thanked all those who helped set up and tear down display at the fair. Mary Beth, Cass, Judy, Allie, Linda Pace, Pat Rotolo, Mary Vandeberg, and others chose a fat quarter in appreciation.

Jill reminded all in attendance to take home whatever they brought if it is not taken by the end of the meeting. A sign was posted with four different places to donate sewing things.

Minutes - Approved as published. 

In-house by Mary Kay Witte:

  • 1. Bag made of cork with fabric, quilt pouncer, scissors, gloves, etc. - Kay Loudenberry

  • 2. Homespun fat quarters with a pattern for bear paw - Priscilla Palacio

  • 3. Homespun 9" squares, 10" x 36" pieces, and pattern for a snowman table

    runner - Jo Glenn

  • 4. Columbine pattern with purple fabrics - Denese Trujillo

  • 5. Pattern for mesh tote, kraft tex, and gloves - Julie Racine

    Treasurer's Report:

• As of the end of July, the balances in our accounts: General Acct. - Start - $6604.03 End - $6652.53, Quilt Show Acct. - $1289.11, Raffle Acct. $1041.86.


  • Today - Jan Shuping trunk show.

  • October - Assemble mystery quilt.

  • November - Assemble charity quilts

  • December - Luncheon featuring Collette's chicken and spaghetti. We are asking each member to contribute $4.00 with the remaining to be paid for from proceeds from the May 2022 fabric sale. Cass Pearson moved to use the fabric sale money. It was seconded and passed by the attending members. Lemonade and iced tea will be provided. The $4.00 payment is needed by the October meeting. The meeting in December will start at 10:30 instead of 9:30. Damien Rotolo will pick up the food. Please bring correct change or a check. Beverly McCarty will play music.

  • Jan - Table of great prizes for show and tell.

  • Feb - Class on Camden bags. Holly was able to get 10 kits on sale for $37 from Missouri Star. First 10 to sign up can purchase these.

  • Mar - Walking Foot Quilting class

  • April - Mrs. Moo on fabric painting with a Spring theme

  • May - Chance Auction, Fabric Sale, Potluck

    Committee Reports -

  • Welcome/Sunshine - 38 members today with 7 guests. Guests were Jan Shuping, Cammy, Barb, Karen, Sarah, Emily, and Helen. Drawing for one yard of fabric for wearing a name tag went to Denese Trujillo.

  • Fat quarters went to Susie Rimsky. Next month will be Fall colors and patterns.

  • There were no teapot squares brought in. The winner of the teapots will be announced in October. The winners of the squares of the month is expected to make 6 squares in the future.

  • Naoma O'Neill brought 2 charity kits. Pat Montez and Diane each took one.

  • Esther Archuletta brought in five pillowcases to use for the Quilts of Valor.


  • November will start the process of electing new officers.

  • Prayers requested for the safe and speedy recovery of Don Jespersen after his open heart surgery next week.

    Respectfully submitted, Mary Beth Shaufler